Consistency or Consistently Lack of Speed?

1 Ocak 2025

Antonio Giovinazzi has completed all the races this season consistantly without a DNF. But he has only 1 point this season. He has completed 4 races this season at 11th place. And in last 3 races (during 8.11.2021) he has been 11th (3 consecutive races). He has been outscored by his teammate Kimi Raikkonen 10 to 1 this season so far. He also finished 12th 2 times, 13th 4 times. Consistantly finishing all the races looks very good especially he gets better from his Alfa Romeo at qualifications but finishing all the races at 11th, 12th, 13th made him out of F1. Maybe lack of DNFs from other drivers made him out of top 10 all the time with lack of his car speed or maybe he really lacks what it takes to compete for top 10. Being outscored by a former champion, such a experienced driver like Kimi Raikkonen makes it more difficult to evaluate Gio's performance. 

At the end he has been replaced by Guanyu Zhou, Chinese F2 driver for next season and probably Gio's F1 career is over.